002 WoeNyl Hired for Unknown Job

I dreaded the coming feast which existed to allow time for betting. While I clothed myself in a dress tailored for people of another race, a clawed hand grabbed my shoulder.

“Follow me, quickly!” my mistress, Gemma, ordered through the vibrations in her fingertips.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’ve sold you to one of the honoured guests at the feast tonight. The fool paid ten times what you're worth, so I'd best deliver you promptly and hear that you're properly dressed.”

“What my job?”

'She promised no more jobs unless I lost a fight,' I thought.

“How should I know? All I care for is the silver he offered.”

“What histh name?” I lisped.

“I didn’t actually meet him. Stop asking so many questions!” she struck me; damaging my face would not reduce the amount of silver she received.

My mistress massaged my forehead with her thumbs as she morphed my body into a mildly pretty, halfling bat-woman, a disguise which would dissolve by the morning. I wished for it to last. Then maybe someone would purchase me to perform tedious chores rather than criminal operations.

Death had robbed my body of its strength and form too many times already and would rob me again tomorrow. I feared most for my daughter. If I died, she would not resurrect with me. My mistress always charged her customers extra if they killed me, but no amount of silver could compensate for the life of my precious child.

They always killed me. After whatever crime they hired me for, anything from assassination to burglary, it was best if I died so as not to snitch on them. Little did they know that I always return from death.

Tomorrow it would be the same, I would resurrect to find my abdomen void of the precious life I carried. I had hoped to hold her at least once.

Gemma dragged me to the great hall which hosted the feast in honour of the great tournament.

“You can find your way from here,” my mistress declared. “Your new master is 100 throses away, straight ahead of you.”

“I will try,” I replied, knowing I could not find my new master without aid. With my small, round ears, I cannot hear shapes like the people of my world. They shriek and know shape and distance based on echoes.

'What will he be like?' Nyla asked inside me.

'Just as wicked as the rest,' my other personality, Woethief, replied.

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