010 Guards Insult Nyla

As we exited Faithful’s apartments, mobs of Ildalynn full-bloods and both breeds of halflings accosted us. Only their hatred of us proved strong enough to unite the three hostile races. Faithful held his bride close to shield her from the stones and insults that showered us. A cohort of the King’s best soldiers forced their way through the crowds to escort us. After beating back the masses with their clubs, the guards led us into a tunnel safe from the danger of stones, but not from words.

“So, which did you enjoy more last night” their captain asked. The other guards snickered through their hands and feet.

“What are you insinuating?” Faithful replied coolly.

“You know what I mean. The two look lovely next to...”

Faithful wrapped his hands around the Ild’s throat and slammed him into the wall.

“No one will so grossly insult my wife. As for my slave, she is a woman of honor. You might not understand this, but she's not bound to the same petty lusts as you. Soon, my wife will be my princess. Show her the respect she is due. Retract your words,” rage did not taint his voice. He fulfilled his duty to us without passion or hatred.

“I needn’t obey you.”

Faithful’s grip tightened until the guard lost consciousness. Once the captain’s limp body thudded to the floor, we moved on. Two guards stayed behind to wait for him to awake.

“If any of you so much as listens at either of them in an improper manner, worse will happen to him.”

We traveled to the arena in haste, but I managed to ask Faithful the question that nagged my mind all night.

“You still wish let me win?” I whispered into his right ear.


“Must not. Not fair to wife,” I said as urgently as possible.

I could not explain why, but I hoped that he could somehow reform her. I hoped that she could find redemption and become the woman of honor that he deserved. I would forgive her all that she had done against me if only it would make Faithful happy.

He remained silent for a time, leaving me in extreme anxiety while I awaited his answer. Either decision could destroy the lives of me and my child.

“Very well. I'll respect you in this matter, for my wife’s sake.”


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