019 A Chance at Revenge

“Let me in, please!” a frantic voice pleaded.

I sensed the pain in her words and the aura around her.

“Please, they'll kill me.”

I opened the door just enough for her to stumble in and then bolted it shut.

The figure swayed and I brought her over to the nearest cot. Blood poured from a gash in her throat.

She has two minutes tops.

I removed the scarf from her face to survey her wound, Then, I recognized her. It was Gemma! I wanted to kill her or maybe let her die.

This is my chance. No one will know.

She recognized me too. Terror filled her eyes.

If I let her die, I am not the murderer? The shooter is, Nyl suggested.

I closed my fingers around her throat to quell the bleeding or throttle her; I did not know which.

Do you really believe that?

Agony from her wound coursed into my body. I squeezed tighter.

What will I do?

“I hate you!”

She could not resist as my nails dug into her flesh. She was helpless, at my mercy. Her eyes pleaded with me to spare her,eyes identical to my own.

I wanted her dead. Then I thought of her children, Faithful's children. I lacked the strength to save them from myself.

God of Faithful. I cannot forgive her. She has wronged me sorely. Give me power to forgive and I will serve you evermore.

Fire from my starlet cauterized the wound, quelling the torrent of blood from Gemma's neck. Flames danced on her flesh. It was the only way to save her. I stole her torment.

Her eyes closed.

“No, I not hate you. Please stay.”

God! Save her. I cannot bear for her children to die.

I wielded the power of my Orderer Stone against the wound. Exhaustion seized me.

It's too late! Nyl screamed inside of me.

No, we must keep trying.

I slumped to the floor and laid my head on the cot next to hers. Utter enervation kept me from continuing.

I know I do not deserve your forgiveness. I know you can save me from myself. I know you can save Silver. I need you to be my Woethief.

My hands convulsed with agony. but my hearts experienced freedom from the hatred that enslaved me. Blood spilled from my eyes onto the face of my enemy. Patches of life returned to her sallow face where my tears fell. I cried and cried until blood covered her entire face.

Her dread-filled eyes fluttered open.

“How soon will you k... it be before you k-k-k-kill me?”

I stooped to examine her more closely. Terrible burns from the starlet-fire marred her face. I placed the unstarlet against the blistered flesh and the scorchmarks froze away until only perfect, silky fur remained.

Fear still plagued her pretty face. I smoothed away a stray lock from her brow and my Orderer Stone removed the blood that soiled her clothes.

“I for-give you.”

“Please, don't play with me. If I am to die, make it quick.”

“I for-give you,” God empowered me to forgive her, just as he forgave me.

“What? Why why you would forgive me? I don't deserve it. If you kill me here, no one will ever know.”

No one will find out. Den is not listening to our mind. We can tell him that we were defending ourself. Woe suggested.

I do long to be free from her guilt.

Denrick's words that I could not be forgiven if I held onto my hatred surfaced in my minds.

God give us strength. I cannot resist ourself on my own. I want your peace.

I squeezed her hand and smiled at her. “I love you. How can I kill my Prin-cess.”

Did you really just say that? Nyl asked. You just acknowledged her usurpation as legitimate.

It was not her fault. Woe observed. *Her children deserve it for Faithful's sake..

What of Crystal.? She deserves a better life.

Den and Thee' will provide her a better life. She needs no power and riches, she needs their tenderness and affection.

The fully healed Silver got off of the cot and prostrated herself before me. She lifted my left foot and placed it on her head in the ultimate form of submission.

“I swear mys...”

I raised her to her claw-feet. “No, I for-give at no cost.”

Where did that come from?

“B-b-but that that's impossible,” she stammered.

“Yes it is.”

I embraced my new friend, something I never imagined doing. I marveled at the power of Faithful's God; he reconciled the bitterest of foes and conquered my murderous hearts with his love. Could he change Silver too? Or Centin?

Tears decorated Silver's cheeks. Then, I realized just how much she resembled me. Faithful did not lie when he said I was lovely; he modeled his bride after me. That knowledge stung and somehow made it easier to sympathize with her.

“Who shot you?” I asked.

“I don't kn-know. It was terrible. They captured me and dragged me away from the palace. I broke away and they shot me as I ran. Faithful's children almost died.”

I pitied her. The loss of Faithful was an ever-present pang in both our souls.

“Why you come here?”

“I just banged on the door. I didn't know it was yours. I needed a place to hide.”

“Do they know you here?”

“No, I got pretty far ahead of them, so they didn't hear me.”

“You safe here un-til we bring you to pal-ace.”

“But they might return.”

“You have own guard.”

“Not any I can trust.”

“What of your gang?”

“They wouldn't take orders from me. I am a different person now.” She stared at me ponderously, then declared. “You will guard me. You are sufficiently skilled.”

“Why should I risk my girl to help you?”

“Because you are my slave and I order you to.”

She definitely is not a different person!

“What right you have to tell me?”

“You are still my slave.”

“No. Faith-ful said I free.”

“Faithful said he would release you after the duel. He never did, so naturally I inherit you from him.”

I could not refute her logic. I cast my gaze to the floor.

Why God? I did the right thing. I forgave her. Why this?

“Nyla, it won't be like before. Don't you hear that I am protecting you. As my maidservant, no one will be permitted to harm you. I can shield you from Centin.”

She shielded her emotions from me so that I could not know if her motives were false. She placed her hand on my shoulder, but I brushed it off.

“I for-give you, not trust you.”

I regretted the words instantly as I sensed the pain they caused her.

What if her wound was another ploy to kill me like her seduction of Faithful?

I longed for Den's return.

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