020 Nyl Becomes Silver's Guard

Silver poached a loaf-plant from a nearby shelf and nibbled while she sat on the cot. In nervousness, pumped my hand on the grip of my pistol.

How soon will they attack? Thee', if you can hear me, I need you.

Silver eared the pistol.

“Is not for you. Foe might come back.”

“How will you get me to the palace.”

“My guard choose la-ter”

“I told you they didn't hear me come in.”

“I not take chance.”

“Then, I'll hold one too.” She reached for a rifle hanging on the wall.

“No!” My starlet flared up with my fear.

She sat back down.

“I wasn't going to hurt you.”

To mitigate the risk of her killing me, I snatched the rifle from the wall and slung it over my shoulder.

“You wouldn't actually use that on me, would you?”

I did not know. We glared at each other. She still believed that I would avenge myself and murder her.

When the temptation was more than I could bear, I pressed the pistol into her palm and turned my back to her.

“You can trust me,” I said over my shoulder.

“You can trust me too.

I whirled around.

“No, I serve you on-ly un-til I buy free.”

While we stared into each others' eyes, a crash sounded in the doorway. A malicious presence burst into the room. I twirled and fired my rifle. The bullet penetrated my enemy's shoulder.

I covered him with my gun as he clutched his shattered arm. My starlet hovered just in front of his face.

“What you do here?”

Killing you of course.

“Which of us?” Gemma asked with her pistol leveled at his chest.

“You, Princess,” he spat.

“Well, you certainly didn't do a good job.”

I squatted in front of him.

“How bad arm hurt?”

“Not much, I'll manage.”

“Nyl, you're too close. He'll cut you!” as Silver spoke, he lunged for me with a knife. He pressed the blade to my throat.

“You move and she dies!”

Silver clicked the safety off on her pistol.

“No, I deal with this,” I pleaded with my eyes.

My unstarlet brought such utter cold to his body that he dropped the knife from the shivering.

“Tell me what I want and you go free.”

He released me and I kicked away the knife.

“Who sent you?”

“I dddondon't knnoww.

I placed my palm on his forehead.

“Do you speak truth?”

“Yes, please, I'll do anything. Just don't kill me.”

“Why you attack her?”

“Some people are not glad about, they are angry about her, the Princess. They wanted him to win.”

“Who they want win?”

“Ankor. He has powerful friends. They want both of you to killed be by me,” fear caused him to jumble his words.

“You alone?”

“Yes, but there's a attack planned around the coronation.

“You tell me any more about?”

“I don't know any details. I swear on my honor I don't.”

“You have no honor!” Silver landed a savage kick on his stomach. My glare at her ensured a second strike did not occur.

I placed my hand on his shoulder. He shrieked like a child. After several seconds, his agony shifted from him into my exhausted mind. Silver helped me to set and bandage his arm.

“You for-get all your past in re-turn for life.”

“Yes, anything, just let me live!” he wept.

I stole his shame and the memory of his life, except for pleasant memories of his sister. She would help him to build a new life of honor.

“Leave in peace. Go to your sister.”

He scurried off with three hands to support him instead of the usual four. Silver raised her pistol and placed a bullet in the back of his head.

The man's shame fled from me instantly.

“Why you kill him?” tears gushed across my face. “He no more a threat.”

“I don't take unnecessary risks.”

“I took risk with you. You be dead if I not help.”

“And I am very grateful for that.”

“His sis-ter will be cut to quick with grief.”

“What do I care? I must protect myself and my children, not a thug's sister.”

“Do not for-get, you are queen of thugs.”

“Gemma is dead. Do not ever remind me of her!

“You said you change, but you still mur-der. I for-gave you. How you not do same to him?”

“Why should I let him go? I owe nothing to him or to you. You were obligated to save my life. Never forget that you are my slave forever and that there is no price I will accept for your freedom!” Her fist slammed into my jaw. I silenced out.

An aura of terror jerked me out of the silence of unconsciousness. Silver curled in on herself in the corner of the room to hide from Den.

His upraised star threatened to obliterate her at any moment. To receive direction, he jerked his head toward me.

“What did she do to you?”

We were attacked. The assassin fled, Woe evaded.

“What did she do to you?!”

She was upset, she didn't mean it, Nyl lied.

He wanted to incinerate her and all of her memories which plagued me. He had waited five ventings for this opportunity.

Don't hurt her! She's with child.

“Do you think the truth?”

Yes, please don't harm her.

The star retreated to his chest.

I staggered over to Silver.

“He not hurt you.”

“Get that cursed unanimal away from me.”

I ignored the racial insult, which included me just as much as him.

“He my friend. He just want to help me.”

“Tell her that if she ever hurts you again, I will ruin her. I will expose her crimes to the entire kingdom.”

I cannot threaten her, Woe objected.

Why not? She certainly deserves it, Nyl countered.

We forgave her, Nyl. I cannot harm her now.

“Very well, Mistress. I only desire your protection.”

I know.

He wrapped his arms around me and joy permeated my soul.

I did it today; I forgave her. I surrendered to the greater Woethief.

Gladness filled his heart as the memories of my encounter with Silver entered his mind.

“I have prayed for this for so long,” He smiled, ever so slightly. Instead of experiencing pain like with all others, his happiness flooded me without diminishing for him.

Den turned to Silver and held out his hand. She squeezed his fingers with her own trembling ones, as a sign of goodwill.

After packing arms and clothing for me and himself and disarming Silver, the three of us made out for the palace. Thee' would handle the transport of the rest of the goods to another safehouse later.

Den kept himself between me and Silver. He protected me from her and somehow I must protect her from a myriad enemies while also protecting Comfort.

“Trust in God, Woe. He is a better guard than I.”

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